special features

    1. The institution nurtures the growth of a sense of social equality, cultural values and civic consciousness.

    2. The institution is dedicated to the task of providing superior eductional facilities for progressive and experimental teaching as well as training on a futuristic basis with a firm background of the history and culture of India.

    3. Believing in the worth of uniqueness of the individual it works towards fostering each individuals potentialities by proiding varied opportunities for meaningful learning and fair growth.

    4. Every possible attempt is made to maintain an extremely loving and encouraging educational environment so as to enable children to develop and integrated whole some personality.

    5. Every child is individually attended to as a result of which the children are filled with enthusiasm created by the feeling that they are important lots with in the school.

    6. Physical training social and cultural activities and other co-curriculum activities are included in the curriculum to enable the children to develop powers of observation, healthy habits and an emotionally integrated self.

    7. An extra home work period to avoid under burden on parents.

    8. No overcrowding in classes.

    9. Affectionate & homely treatment to children.

    10. English is taught as mother tongue.

    11. Audio visual aids for effective teaching & easy learning.

    12. Play way method of teaching.

    13. Training in etiquettes.

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