recommendations to parents

  • 1. Parents may meet the principal on a prior appointment from the school office. Parents may also meet the principal on the parents teacher meeting day.

  • 2. No student is permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal which will be granted only at the request of the parents.

  • 3. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost, it is advisable not to bring valuable articles (like expensive watches, fountain pen etc. or wear ornaments in school).

  • 4. Early departure from school will not be allowed except in an emergency. When an authorized escort should bring a letter signed by the parent. In such cases the parents should make their own arrangements for transport.

  • 5. The students must attend the school regularly and punctually.

  • 6. Late comers will not be allowed entry into the school. Children are expected to reach school ten minutes before the final bell. No arguments will be entertained once the school gate closes.

  • 7. Children must be collected within thirty minutes after the school bell of dispersal.

  • 8. Communication with parents will be maintained through the child's school diary. The school diary must be read and signed daily.

  • 9.Children must wear the proper school uniform and carry a handkerchief in their pocket and a napkin in their bag.

  • 10. All items of uniform, tiffin box, bag, bottle, napkin etc. must bear a name tag of the child.

  • 11. The children's finger-nails must be clipped off and their hair and general cleanliness should be seen every week on sundays.

  • 12. Any change in the address and phone number must be notified to the school office in writing.

  • 13. Parents guardians or others are requested not to meet the student or teachers during class hours without the sanction of the school authorities.

  • 14. Parents are not allowed to enter in the class during school hours.

  • 15. Playgroup students will not carry their school bags. They will bring only tiffin, water bottle and play things.

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