Shri 108 Sant Baba Mohan Singh Ji



108 Sant Baba Mohan Singh Ji was born in 1901 in a place called Majhura district Gujarat, now in Pakistan.His father was Shri Govind Ramji and his mother's name was Prem Kaur. Baba was fond of Guruvani right from his childhood. He was a very pious person. After a lot of penance and devotion to God he lurged himself into the welfare of mankind. He undertook great knowledge of music and served at the dera for several years. After partition of India 1947 he came and settled in Kanpur. Here he thoroughly plunged himself into the service of mankind. He opened many schools and colleges and offered free education and medical facilities to the needy. He offered shelter to the homeless, contributed towards marriages of poor girls and gave donation magnanimously. A Gurudwara was constructed by him where he himself offered Seva. He ensured that langer was offered to all the devotees which in pratice till date. Babaji left for his heavenly abode on 27th March 2003 but his blessings still light our hearts today.