message from principal

Mrs Neeta Pandey


Dear Parents and Friends,
The world of tomorrow will be created by the citizens of today. Therefore the onus to contribute something worthwhile to the society rests on these citizens. We at GNPS have crossed several milestones in our relentless journey to provide enlightening liberating and quality education to our learners. We continue to check out our lesson plans how our organizational skills, keep abreast with the blitzkrieg of knowledge and reinvent our strategies to help our students excel. We are constantly renewing our faith in ourselves as we work hard with each student, never giving up on them and never allowing them to believe that they cannot realize their dreams.

In my experience, I have learnt that the only way to overcome a laid back altitude is to accept responsibility and believe in yourself. It’s always better not to look for very big actions. The students who are growing up to fulfill their obligations as future citizens, should try to look for small infinitesimally tiny ways that are neither their reach. They may like to give up all that’s bad in them give up littering and waiting for someone to clean up after them or blaming others for the consequences of their acts, appreciate everyone instead of finding their faults the possibilities are endless!. They have to become mendful of the existence of others and rest well follow.

Our most earnest and sincere endeavour is to fill each moment of the school life of students with happiness, because this is what we all miss most as we grow up! We encourage them to due over the incredible power of their mind; we create opportunities so that they can list the strength of their null. We believe that this inner core of steady strength well propels them to overcome all doubts and fears that threaten to entrap them. With hearts thus infused with this strength, they will be armed to face the buffeting storms of life.